Hype about Haim

Okay, so I thought my first post would be about one of my favourite albums at the moment: Haim – Days Are Gone. Haim are a rock/alternative trio that consists of three sisters from California and my love for them grew in Summer 2013 when I saw them at T in the Park in Scotland (amazing, friendly festival that’s definitely worth a visit) and Leeds Festival (just one word- cerrrrazy!) and it just spiralled from there really. Haim are always compared to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac but I think they have their own individual and funky vibe that just puts you in one “awesome” mood… Thought I’d go all American on you seeing as they’re from Los Angeles. ‘Days Are Gone’ is their debut album but oh boy they have started with a bang! I think this is the only album I was willing to spend over a tenner for! But now it’s in HMV for ¬£4.99… That is one fab-u-lous bargain! Get it quick! My favourite tunes are: Forever, Falling and Let Me Go but honestly all of them I can just listen to again and again.

If you’re looking for some new, edgy music or was wondering what the sudden hype about Haim was about then check out their album you will NOT be disappointed!

C x



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