Matte the look…MAC it up

The Godess of MAC...

The Godess of MAC…

MAC make-up cosmetics are known to be brilliant. Used by top Make up Artists, celebs and models. I use all their products and so long as I put the time into finding the right colour for my skin tone, I’m never disapointed. But, my all time favourite item that is a ‘must have’ in my bag at all times… is the *Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder* ! For £20, I personally feel this is a bargain for the results and how long it lasts. It may look like its going to turn you into ‘Casper the friendly ghost,’ but trust the name when it says ‘transparent’ it really is, yet it works wonders. If you have trouble with your make up sliding off, or you have oily/greasy skin which shows up once you’ve done your make-up making the camera light bounce off those shiny parts when having a pic (or selfie… its ok its in the dictionary now its acceptable) then this is the product you need to invest in! I use it as part of my daily routine and keep it in my bag for emergencies! After i’ve finished applying my make up (works best when using either BB Cream or MAC Foundation) I add a dab of this powder to my bronzer brush and dab it all over my face and cheek/jaw bone area. Not only does it matte down the shine/oil and excess. It minimizes pores and gives it a ‘flawless’ finish! I especially rely on it when im out clubbing with the girls after having a good old boogy on the dancefloor and I’m feeling a little bit sweaty and hot, a quick trip to the toilets and a dab of this powder and I’m good to go again! I tend to suffer from break outs and oily skin, and my confidence is boosted instantly when I use this product along with the other MAC products. A little tip is to add a bit of highlighter to your cheek bones and temple after applying it just to keep the definition going around those areas that look best once highlighted.

Trust me girls, this is the investment of the year!

A 'Prime' Example...

A ‘Prime’ Example…

Grania 🙂

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