We Love TEA!

Today is a messy/chatty day...

Today is a messy/chatty day…

Everyone who works in an office knows the number one most important necessity is…

    a cup of tea/coffee

The first thing we all do, is make a brew. Spending 37-40 hours a week at your desk its safe to say we go through ALOT of cups of tea’s! So for christmas, off our lovely adopted work mother Angela, we each got cup that represented our personalities. Chloe- Little Miss Chatterbox (i think we both could be the chatterboxes, maybe of the whole office? ha) and Grania- Little Miss Messy, oh no wait sorry… MR Messy… Angela insists there was no Little MISS Messy ones and there was no hidden messages behind this… hmmm!

So we thought we would share our lovely presents and write a pretty pointless random blog…

Today is a messy day, Today is a chatty day…


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