The Eyebrow Hotel


The Eyebrow Hotel





HD Brows were the big thing in 2013, the REVOLUTION of brows I’d say. Over the past few years the eyebrow has become the feature of the face girls and guys are starting to take more time on. Before, it was always a quick wax, TOO much tweezing and the look to go for was the less hair the better… that is most definitely not the case anymore. Now its all about shape, growth and tint!


I have been lucky to have a best friend who specialises in eyebrows, she has always loved keeping my brows at top notch and it would be the one thing I’d ask her to do on EVERY night out when we were in college. She is even luckier to have naturally shaped and basically amazing brows but she still takes the time to ensure they are again, top notch! Most girls have a tantrum about what to wear when planning a night out, or that their hair has gone wrong… but I always remember Nicole would be the one tantruming about her eyebrows… even though they always looked perfect!


Nicole and her natural but defined Brows

Anyway, she now is trained in HD Brows and I would reccomend HD Brows to anyone and everyone- girls AND GUYS! (Yes guys its important to maintain your brows too)… Anyone based in the Manchester area should visit The Eyebrow Hotel ( Nicole will help to regrow your brows if they have been abused by the tweezers, she will talk you through what she is going to do and how the shape she chooses is specific to your facial shape and trust me once they are done you will notice the difference it has on the facial features! It not only is a High Definition for the brows but it completely highlights and lifts your features. The Eyebrow Hotel offers advice and tips at any time and will guide you on the DO’s and DONT’s in between appointments.




I think people are confused with the HD Brow and the Scouse Brow…PLEASE don’t get confused with these 2. HD Brows are still natural looking and only enhance the hair you have and help to regrow the hair that is needed to add to the natural but defined shape. Scouse Brows are the complete opposite… block, dark, thick, squared, oval, oddly shaped (and quite frankly scary to look at). The shape is everything! If you are drawing your own eyebrows on, a tip is to use a sharp pencil, be light and use small flicks – do not press hard and use thick lines to colour in the whole brow and make a square or oval block shape at the start of the brows. Here are a few examples of what NOT to do…



So do the right thing and go HD….


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