Forever Loving ‘Forever Living’

Well, there’s a new craze in town! Forever Living products are not only my new favourite beauty and health product but it seems this new Aloe Vera infused brand is becoming a massive demand and new found love to many across the world! I remember when I was growing up my Grandma had an Aloe Vera plant, if I ever fell over or banged my knee or elbow, Grandma Anne would swear by this plant- cutting a piece off from the leaf and squeezing the gel onto my bruise or injured area and I always knew I would be bruise free! It used to amaze me!


If you haven’t heard of it before don’t fret ! I’m here to give my own personal experience about most of the products that I’ve used!

First things first girls, lets get to business… hair products ! Every girl wants glossy, shiney , fabulously smelling locks right? Well the Forever Living shampoo & conditioner works wonders for these features! My hair is growing so fast and thick, it smells amazing after using these products and I find that my hair doesn’t go greasy as quick! what more could a girl want?



Suffer from dry skin? eczema? inflamed skin? Then the moisturisers and Aloe Vera body gel is an essential product to your daily routine! You may of noticed that Aloe Vera
is a well known natural extract added to most beauty products?! ‘After Sun’ is one of the main ones, and most sensitive skin products! There’s a reason for this and why it makes Forever Living products so trustworthy to use. When I moved back to my mums I had to get used to her washing powder again which always is a pain when I have such sensitive skin! My legs were so itchy for days then I used the Gel and Moisturiser and the following day the irritation had gone! It felt so refreshing and relieved the pain quickly! Didn’t feel sticky or leave residue behind either like some
moisturisers do! winner


Now I don’t know about you guys, but starting to see the shops clothing lines change from knitwear and wellies to bikinis and jelly shoes (cute) is making me feel slightly conscious about the fact I’ve not been to the gym
for …. too long! I’ve decided to make a lifestyle change and go for the Clean 9 Detox that Forever Living offer!

20140224-205950.jpg 9 days of the detox drinking the Aloe Vera gel (which is meant to be incredible for the digestive system, skin, energy and immune system) , Protein Shakes,
supplements and 500 calorie meals! My mums been on it for 3 days and lost 4 pounds already, she feels great and less bloated and I can see the confidence beaming out of her! Celebs like Posh Becks love this detox and it’s not a ‘quick fix’ diet, it’s a total detox and it’s down to you to make that lifestyle change after the 9 days to remain healthy. Although they do have the Forever nutri-lean as the next step to help manage and maintain your weight loss and health regime! (I do hate it when people say ‘yeah but you put all the weight back on after’ …. YEAH IF YOU EAT CRAP)



They even have products for IBS, Acne and other medical issues that have been proven to reduce symptoms quite drastically! I’ve ordered the Bee Pollen vitamins which is supposed to be great for the skin but also a energy boost as I’m feeling so lethargic lately! My Nan uses these as she suffers from IBS like symptoms and she has highly recommended these too! (I’m yet to give my verdict…)

Even my Peggy’s are getting some Forever Living action, since using the Bright Toothpaste my teeth feel so clean and I can start to see them brightening and whitening! 😀 check those bad boys….


Grania xo


Rizzle Kicks gig at Liverpool O2 Academy

So, Grania and I went to watch Rizzle Kicks last weekend at the O2 Academy in Liverpool and it was fab-u-lous! I absolutely love RK and I’ve been to watch them once before so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, I know they’d put on a great show and I was not wrong! I love how they just put so much energy in to what they do and basically just have a whole lot of fun on stage! We missed the first support act but watched Bang Bang Bang and I was pleasantly surprised! We both have never heard of Natalie before but her music was just so ‘funky and fresh’ that we was loving it! I’m definitely going to look at what other music she does and I would recommend you look to! I can’t think of who she reminded me of but her music was definitely that little bit different and quirky. Maybe slightly like Marina and the Diamonds but with a twist!
But for Rizzle Kicks they put on a great show jumping about, getting everyone involved… If you want a fun, happy gig to go to we definitely say go to watch them!


Major Lazer

So another album I will have to review is Major Lazer – Free The Universe. This album has just got a mixture of reggae and electronic so for me it is perfect! I love every Bob Marley song going so for me to come across this album last year literately made my year! Okay, I wouldn’t go that far… But it is pretty cool! Each song sounds totally different which I think is hard when it comes to some albums but this one has a mixture of upbeat, crazy and some down right weird tunes! You all have probably heard of ‘Bubble Butt’ ft. Bruno Mars which is probably their most famous song but by far it is not their best (personally I’m not a huge fan of that song, solely because there are others on there 100x better). My ultimate favourites would have to be Jah No Partial, Get Free and Watch Out For This. This album seriously just makes you want to dance so it is perfect if you’re getting ready for a night out! But I would also recommend it for a work out album as well! This album along with Eminem is great music if you need some motivation for when you’re running on the treadmill (who doesn’t need motivation?!) I would recommend this album if you love dance, electronic and reggae music because this album is just all rolled into one! Could life get any better? No I don’t think so!

C x

Me, all ready for Major Lazer at Leeds Festival ’13!