Rizzle Kicks gig at Liverpool O2 Academy

So, Grania and I went to watch Rizzle Kicks last weekend at the O2 Academy in Liverpool and it was fab-u-lous! I absolutely love RK and I’ve been to watch them once before so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, I know they’d put on a great show and I was not wrong! I love how they just put so much energy in to what they do and basically just have a whole lot of fun on stage! We missed the first support act but watched Bang Bang Bang and I was pleasantly surprised! We both have never heard of Natalie before but her music was just so ‘funky and fresh’ that we was loving it! I’m definitely going to look at what other music she does and I would recommend you look to! I can’t think of who she reminded me of but her music was definitely that little bit different and quirky. Maybe slightly like Marina and the Diamonds but with a twist!
But for Rizzle Kicks they put on a great show jumping about, getting everyone involved… If you want a fun, happy gig to go to we definitely say go to watch them!



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