#nomakeupselfie craze

Well, I woke up Wednesday morning to a few ‘nominations’ to do the #nomakeupselfie and scrolling through my facebook I noticed girls had been uploading their natural beautiful selfies without make up in order to raise awareness for Cancer! I didn’t understand it at first, I have to admit I had a moment where I thought ‘how is this going to help?’ but that thought was quickly snapped away with the realisation of how many women across the world will now be more aware to check their breasts or book in for a check up! That right there was more than enough to join in this social media craze! I snapped my #selfie before getting ready for work and decided to donate aswell to make it not just about awareness but about donating to the cancer research charity! By texting BEAT to 70099 I donated £3! When I scrolled through my facebook later on I noticed everyone else had been doing the same! This made it even more of an amazing trend that more and more people were donating and sharing pictures making it go even more viral globally!

here is my #nomakeupselfie in my jammys haha


and Chloe’s gorgeous #nomakeupselfie


Cancer is so close to everyone in different ways- I lost my grandma to cancer and had to watch her fight for so long before the Angels took her. 1 in 3 people are affected by the disease wether it be themselves or a family/friend! It’s about time cancer got it’s ass kicked and stopped interfering with people’s lives!

my lovely grandma who fought so hard against cancer but sadly was took away to soon x


negative vibes
Of course, whenever there is positivity going on, negativity has to be creeping up behind trying to dull out the light! Bitter people who like to put their two pence in have their negative comments about how it’s not going to help and just basically moaning! Well, I say to those BORE OFF and don’t be so quick to jump to the negatives because this craze raised £1million in just 24HOURS!!!

When I read this article I filled up with tears of pride, well done all women and meninvolved in the #nomakeupselfies and for the males the #makeupselfies ! ❤️

G x

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