So you’ve found interest in my page and decided to find out more about me… here goes!

Grania , 22 , Female. Born Scouser, raised Manc…. yes this causes so much controversy between my family and my friends. I’m used to it!  Lived in Manchester for the best part of 13 years and have completely lost my scouse accent (fortunate or not? you decide..) but get caught out on certain ‘werds’ 😉 (see what I did there!).

Grew up the ultimate triple threat drama queen, Singing, Dancing and Acting was my world. Growing up with a music orientated family it was bound to be! I studied Performing Arts at College, being main parts in the 2 main shows we performed… Tallullah in Bugsy Malone and Velma in Hairspray! (you see a theme there?) and being part of the Torque Dance Company competing in competitions and shows all over the UK. As you can probably guess from this, I am quite the confident, outspoken girl who you will find first on karaoke, front row at a concert/theatre show or in the middle of the dance floor creating a circle around me while I break dance it off with the next best dancer! (I can’t break dance that was hypothetical)

But yes, you’ve pretty much got the summary of Miss Grania Nesbitt right there, in 216 words. ( I tend to ramble too..) Hence this Blog! I like to give my opinion and advice on things, whether that be beauty tips. latest purchases, online themes, gym and fitness, health or just general advice on my findings! So  I thought why not start a blog, not as original as I would like it to be but still I get to vent off some steam through tap tap tapping away with my stiletto nails on my keyboard… 🙂

In all seriousness, I hope this blog finds you well and you can at least take some advice or tips from it! If you have any suggestions for blogs or things for me to try to blog about then feel free to contact me. or comment.

Happy blogging 🙂 ❤


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